Why switch to vaping?

May 05 2016

You're aware of the harmful effects of smoking cigarettes. However, a lot of people still engage in this vice. The main reason is that it is hard to get rid of the habit. As an ex-smoker, while I understand where they are coming from, it is not an acceptable rationalization. What it takes to quit smoking is the determination to stop it, and do it instantly the moment you decide on quitting. When I ceased the habit, there were no electronic gadgets to aid me. Today, you have the electronic cigarette, or e-cig, and personal vaporizer to help you to quit smoking. These quit smoking aids are battery-operated electronic gadgets that when used, the feeling of smoking is stimulated, without any tobacco combustion. Although research is still ongoing in the use of these “stop smoking gadgets”, what we can be sure of is that these minimize many health risks such as lung cancer. The reduction of the harmful effects of tobacco is best enjoyed with the right choice of the components of liquid or vapor. It may contain zero nicotine or a little percentage of the substance. In the end, you can conclude that vaping can help a smoker to quit smoking.


What is vaping?

Vaping is the best, easiest and reliable alternative to smoking. With smoking, you inhale and exhale tobacco smoke. With vaping, you inhale and exhale liquid or vapor. Thus, vaping can be simply defined as the act of taking in water vapor through the use of a personal tobacco-free vaporizer. It involves the simple process of heating the liquid to generate the inhaled vapor. Vaping can be traced as far back as the 1960s and it is a brainchild of Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist. He was drawn to this invention because of the death of his father due to lung cancer. He then called it Ruyan, and the devices spread to USA in the 2000s, giving birth to vaping. But during that time, it is not the portable kind that we have today; the first device was a static tabletop model.


The benefits of switching from smoking to vaping

What can motivate a smoker to abandon his cigarettes and instead indulge in vaping? It is simply because of the discovered benefits from vaping. Of most significance are the health benefits, not only for the smoker himself but for all the loved ones around him. He frees himself from possible tobacco-induced illnesses. Moreover, he sets his family members away from the harsh effects of second hand smoke. Then, there is the financial benefit. You will be saving lots of bucks when you stop buying cigarettes. The vaporizer may cost you some money upfront but compared to the daily expenses on cigarettes, you will still end up with lots of savings. The other benefits are social acceptance where smoking stigma is removed, no foul tobacco smell in your hair and clothes, no yellowish stains on your fingers and teeth and no ash and butt rubbish in the ashtrays.


The distinction between vaping and e-cigarette

Vaporizers vary in price, brand and types. You can opt for the e-liquid, dry herb, wax or oil types of inhaled vapor. But never confuse a vaporizer to an e-cigarette; they are different. The e-cig or electronic cigarette provides a smoking quitter the same sensation as a traditional cigarette without the presence of the harmful toxins and second hand smoke. The e-cig creates vapor, but nicotine is the content of the vapor. Vaporizers on the other hand give you the freedom to do away with the nicotine and instead replace with non-nicotine based liquids, herbs and wax. They also differ in appearance where an e-cig my look like a replica of the traditional stick while the vaporizer can be in the shape of a pen. So will vaping help smokers quit? There are several reasons why it does. The vaping device is easy to use and you can instantly purchase a vaporizer from the many online and brick and mortar shops. The price affordability is enticing. But most of all, the health, social and financial benefits are the top reasons to lure a smoker to switch to vaping.

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